Welcome to Tiffinbox!

Tiffinbox is a blog for image makers – those who use photography or moving images to express and communicate their vision of the world, with the world.

What’s a "tiffinbox"?

Well, it’s a container [a glorified lunch-box] used widely in India to conveniently carry yummy food to work, school or a picnic. I grew up in India where I carried one to school everyday. Lunch, may have been the highlight of my day, because of the surprises that awaited me inside.

My Tiffinbox hopes to be a feast for your eyes and mind. I’ll promise to feed you only small, healthy spoonfuls of information that you’ll find useful.

What’s with the logo?

The logo depicts me, Seshu, as a dabbawallah resting on a tiffinbox. Dabbawallahs are the guys who transport and distribute thousands of these lunch boxes to working men and women in Mumbai, India. Seshu in real life doesn’t wear a topi. If you are, however, interested in sporting this logo on a t-shirt? Contact us!

Who is behind Tiffinbox?

Seshu is a photographer who works with families in Connecticut. He works behind the scenes to gather, link and publish information that you might find interesting.

Guest Blogging

Seshu welcomes and strongly encourages guest bloggers to submit articles of common interest for publication. Write for Tiffinbox!

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Full Disclosure

My version: Full disclosure to you, my audience and to the FTC: Yes, it is quite possible that the links in the posts you will be reading are affiliate/promotional links. That means a service or a vendor of a product has approached me to collaborate with them to reach a wider audience. When feasible, I have personally used the service or product and have found it reputable enough to recommend it to you. Your own experience of a product or service may wary. You may or may not be 100% satisfied. In exchange for publishing affiliate or other promotional links, I may have received a product or service to review for free or try out before mentioning it on the site. However, I have been taught to call a spade, a spade.

Their version: Disclosure of Material Connection – Tiffinbox Media may receive compensation if you click on a link and purchase one or more of the products or services recommended in this website. This disclosure is made pursuant to 16 CFR, Part 255: the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”