Davina Fear’s “Familyness Photo Workshop” For Photographers & Parents

If someone wanted to know your family’s story, what would you tell them? What would you show them?

As a father and husband, I have been thinking a lot about this. How will my kids and wife remember me, how will I remember them? How have we spent time together as a family? What fun moments do we remember the most? What challenged us and how did we overcome them?

Lastly, how have we loved our children? There is never enough time, to be together, right? It seems that way, but it doesn’t have to be the way all the time. Certainly, we can give ourselves some time away from work, from social media, from blinking lights and other distractions to hang out with our family and just chill out.

Davina Fear's Familyness Photo WorkshopWell, all of these questions, observations and potential solutions highlight what I want to do for families and couples in Connecticut, with Amata Pictures, a new project that I launched. But I am sure you are wondering how you would go about documenting your family right? Well, I am here to tell you about The Familyness Photo Workshops led by Davina Fear.

Davina Fear is a Clover, South Carolina based photographer and author. More than those obvious titles, she is also a wife and mom. From what I have seen her do in the last few months, where she launched Love 15, to her kits for photographers (some, I personally use), I know she puts her heart and soul into whatever she produces.

The Familyness Photo Workshop is no different. It’s meant for parents who are juggling with jobs and life in general that take them away from their kids, their “familyness,” a term Davina freely admits she made up. To that end, I think photographers too, who are parents, can benefit from the workshop that launches tomorrow (January 20).

Davina and I had a chance to sit down for a brief chat. Check out the video below.

Sign up with the following code: “FPW30seshu” to save $30. Sign up here for The Familyness Photo Workshop.

Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher
Seshu is an Avon, Connecticut based family photographer who creates intimate, sentimental and natural portraits for families who want to celebrate the love they have for each other. He also edits and publishes Tiffinbox, yep, this very blog you are reading now!
Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher


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Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher
Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher

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