Friday Foto Features By Scott Webb, Week 1

Scott Webb, AvatarThis is a guest post by Scott Webb, a photographer based in London, Ontario Canada. Through photography and art, he believes that we can avoid and fight depression and mood disorders. He gets out of bed everyday to challenge the mediocre through the lens of photography.

Every week there are a massive number of articles posted relating to photography. I want to present some that help me out and could help you out too. Tiffinbox is growing as a great resource for photographers and the weekly round up is intended to build upon that momentum. This being the first week for the photography round up, I’m testing the waters and the topics are very malleable.

The format of the helpful photography round up will take some time to mold, but the intention is always to help photographers with a place to come and be presented with content they may not have come across during their busy days of the week. The topics included within such a round up related to photography are anything from photography tips, marketing, business, inspiration, and showcasing. Forgive me if this first week feels a bit scattered.

Here are some of the best articles I have read in RSS subscriptions this week, stumbled upon, or caught in my twitter stream and retweeted on @scotty_webb.

Tips & Technique

• 5 ways a photographer can take advantage of using long lenses when it comes to portrait photography
• A helpful interview that will help you learn to shoot challenging food photography
• Rad approach that says to forget about focusing on your subject – great right brain thinking.
• How it’s possible to use a normal lens for macro photography – why not!

Thought Provoking

• Is photography an art? You tell me in: Beyond Craft – this is a great insightful exploration within the photographers mind.
• Better start to think about what your portfolio is revealing about you – is it good or bad news?
• 5 points a photographer should consider related to watermarking photographs – helping or damaging?
• How much time do you spend keeping up with industry trends and cutting edge info? – might be time to start chasing

On Tiffinbox!

• Photographers: do you have a photographic archive? – be good to your archive and it will be good to you
• How success comes from your photographic vision – as the world of photography democratizes before your eyes you’ll need to craft a vision


• It’s not too early to start some reflection and plan for 2011 – start looking within for next year.
• What type of photographer do you see yourself as? – become the observer and step back.
• How a photographer struggles with the vision for a photography business – labels and being defined by what
Customize your Pentax with lego blocks and skins – have the coolest camera in your city
• NASA releases images for creative commons – check out NASA’s vast collection of photographs



An amazing photography project – Our Secret Selves.  The artist looks at identities in the pockets and purses of strangers. Beautifully inspiring!

Want To Be Featured In A Helpful Photography Round Up?

Looking for some Tiffinbox link love? Articles featured in the resources come primarily from people I interact with in social networks and comments! So comment your heart out and add me to your social networks.  If something you share catches my eye, it may appear here on Tiffinbox.

A word from Seshu: Scott Webb and I have never met. Yet, here we are collaborating on a weekly post. That’s the beauty of the Internet. Scott, who is very active on Twitter has generously offered to collate and post links to some very interesting articles about photography on a weekly basis. I used to this way back when but it’s always great to have a second pair of eyes scouring the net to bring you useful, informative and sometimes amusing stories. Here is Scott’s first foray into guest blogging on Tiffinbox.


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