Has Kevin Kubota Gone Absolutely Nuts?

As a photographer – whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned pro – you can be easily overwhelmed by the dizzying array of Photoshop actions available in the market. I have used Kevin Kubota’s actions for a very long time and for good reason. Here is why I LOVE Kevin’s actions: they evolve.

Most other Photoshop action producers are quite happy churning out actions and then they stop making them better. No, not Kevin and his incredible team at Kubota Tools. Every photography convention I have met them, they are sure to show me how they have evolved their actions – made it beter and more efficient to run with the newest operating system or the latest version of Photoshop. And they constantly innovate too, bringing to us such options as a Dashboard for their actions, to make it easy for us to find, select and apply these actions. For this alone, I applaud them.

Now you are probably wondering what the headline is all about, right? Well, I just got an email from Kevin’s team today saying they were temporarily dropping the price on some of their products, until the end of April. Yeah, totally nuts because they are easily three or four times their value IF you use them on a regular basis like I do. The Dashboard, for instance, allows me to use not only Kevin’s actions but others as well.

Those who know me and know Tiffinbox also know that I typically don’t promote products that I haven’t personally owned or used extensively in my own photography business. Yes, as an affiliate, I do make a small commission. But I would be remiss if I did not at least alert you to this special sale going on only through the end of April.

Feel free to click on any of the product images below to order your own Kevin Kubota Photoshop action sets or the Dashboard, I’ve mentioned above. It’s all good!

These artistic and production tools have saved me oodles of time:

These are also some of the products I highly recommend:

So, if you do buy one or more of the products listed, above, would you please come back here and tell us (1) why you bought it and (2) if you have used it for a couple of weeks, what your feedback would be for these products? Your opinion matters!

Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher
Seshu is an Avon, Connecticut based family photographer who creates intimate, sentimental and natural portraits for families who want to celebrate the love they have for each other. He also edits and publishes Tiffinbox, yep, this very blog you are reading now!
Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher


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Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher
Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher

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