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Musea Gathering In San Francisco

Musea: Online Proofing, Lab & Gathering For Photographers

Michael Howard, a wedding photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee founded Musea, an online proofing solution for busy photographers. Instead of establishing the same old basic business model that tonline proofing systems have followed, where a photographer pays the host a monthly sum and also surrenders a portion of the sales profits as commission, Michael chose to … [Read More]

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MPSingh Photography - Couple On The Beach

Using Sexy Light On The Beach

Behind The Scene Look: How I Got That Shot The image you see below was created as part of an engagement session. It was towards the end of shoot when we were at a … [Read More]

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Richard Esposito - Wedding Guest

The New Wedding Guest

This guest blog is by a good friend and fellow Connecticut wedding photographer, Richard Esposito. In addition to being a photographer, RE as he is known, is also called upon to teach efficient workflow systems to other photography studios. To some lucky ones, … [Read More]