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Bid Goodbye to Pictage And Say Hello To ShootProof

By the end of September, Pictage, a service you may have either used or have heard of, will be dead. If you banked on storing all your high resolution photographs on their servers, you may want to start downloading them now and backing them up. Are there alternatives to Pictage? Yes, there are. But the one I depend on is ShootProof. I have enjoyed using ShootProof so much … [Read More]

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Sephi Bergerson - Behind The Veil: Weddings In India

What Does Sephi Bergerson’s 6 Year Quest Look Like?

I am reading an advance copy of Chris Guillebeau's new book, The Happiness of Pursuit. In the first few pages of the book, Chris describes a quest as thus: – Has a clear goal and a specific end point. – Presents a clear challenge. – Requires sacrifice of … [Read More]

Business Planning Cookbook By Angela Pointon and Zach Prez

Business Planning Cookbook For Photographers

In this world there are dreamers, planners and doers. For most of my life, I belonged to the first group. You can still find me spacing out. My kids sometimes have to come right up to me and shake me back into the present. Funny as that may be, I know I've … [Read More]

Richard Esposito - Wedding Guest

The New Wedding Guest

This guest blog is by a good friend and fellow Connecticut wedding photographer, Richard Esposito. In addition to being a photographer, RE as he is known, is also called upon to teach efficient workflow systems to other photography studios. To some lucky ones, … [Read More]

David Jackson, Avatar

An Open Letter To A Local Photographer

This is a guest post by David Jackson, a Wisconsin-based editorial portrait photographer and an international award winning wedding photographer. In 2007 he left his full-time job of 14 years as a law enforcement officer to pursue a career as a full-time … [Read More]

Alethea Cheng Fittzpatrick | Products & Prints

Please Don’t Just Give Your Clients The CD or DVD!

This is a guest post by Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick, NYC based architect, interior designer, photographer AND mom! Alethea has her own business, alethea cheng fitzpatrick photography. I hear photographers talking about digital images all the time. I've … [Read More]