The Best Cyber Monday Deals For Creative Photographers

Black Friday has come and gone and now we turn to Cyber Monday for the very best deals for photographers. And there are a plenty of them still floating around. These caught my eye and are ones that I will be personally investing in for my business.

If you are like me and want to get a head start on 2013, then pay close attention to these offers [all affiliate links] and jump in before the clock strikes 12 am EST!

The Modern Tog offers for the first time a 6-Week Photography Marketing Bootcamp! You will learn how to get as many new clients as quickly as possible for as little money as possible.

6-Week Photography Marketing Bootcamp Use the link to buy it for $29. Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog tells me that she will only offer this as a part of another product in the Spring, when the price will be much higher. Grab it now!

Photographer Questionnaire Library is normally $49 but you can buy it for 80% off its list price when you use the code: “SuperFun” at checkout. Your final price is $9.95!

Photography Pricing Guide Workbook is normally $89 but you can buy it fo $39 when you use the code: “SuperFun”. How does saving $50 sound to you?

The Go-To Guide For Client Emails is something I use already. 100+ email templates that you can modify. This is brilliant because it saves me time. Get $50 off of this as well when you use the code: “SuperFun” in the cart. Normally $147, you get it for $97!

Fundy SOS Album BuilderFundy SOS Blog CollageIf there are two products from Fundy SOS that my studio depends on, they are Album Builder and Blog Collage. Get them both for 33% off only today. I just wrapped up an engagement session album in 20 minutes! Album Builder is fast, easy and precise. And it uses Photoshop, which most photographers have on their machines. Blog Collage (yes, you can include your own branding too) is phenomenal. When Andrew Funderburg showed me how it works I was totally floored.

David "Strobist" Hobby Cyber Monday DVD SaleIf the name “David Hobby” is unknown to you, I won’t be surprised. He sometimes goes by “Strobist” or “Mr. Strobist” for his awesome website about flash (and in particular off-camera flash) photography. That’s where I learned my chops. His current offering (perhaps for the first and last time) is his DVD sets. They are priceless and I own (read = paid full price) for every one of them. Get them TODAY for $49.99. This isn’t a steal, it’s highway robbery, if you ask me.

Build An Irresistible Photography WebsiteFrom Portfolio to Profit Engine: How to Build an Absolutely Irresistible Photography Website is by Jenika McDavit of Psychology for Photographers. The title says it all. Get $30 off when you use the code: “READY2GO”. This is the guide book I am using to create a new website (using WordPress of course). If you don’t know about Jenika’s website, please for the love of GOD, bookmark it. Her writing is lucid and her advice spot on. If you are in the midst of rebranding (like me) or simply scrapping your website and need help with correctly setting up a new one, you want this product.

Photography Web MarketingTake all the pictures you want and make them look pretty but if no one is buying well, that’s because your marketing needs some help. I talked about Jamie’s offering above, but this one by Zach Prez is a collection of his three best selling e-books on web marketing for photographers. You get the Photography Web Marketing Guide, Photography Blog Success and 55 Smart Web Ideas For Photographers for just $39. That’s 50% off! I was offered the opportunity to pen my thoughts on how to best use Twitter in that last book. So, if you are curious about using social media or writing for your blog, definitely get them all.

Looking for ways to simplify your photo editing and post-processing? Who doesn’t like to save time right? Well, the folks at Totally Rad Actions have had a Black Friday sale that they are extending through tonight. These are the same actions and presets that I use on my images. Buy RadLab for only $97 and save 35% off of everything else they offer. I use their ProRetouch (version 1 and 2) on almost all of my images for headshot portrait sessions.

Kelby Training Cyber Monday Sale

One of the best online spots to learn about Photoshop and photography has to be Kelby Training. Get in on their Cyber Monday special by using the code: “CYBERMON12” You get $40 off their annual subscription. Score! If your are a NAPP member, it’s an even sweeter deal.

Project Life 365 By Design AglowLooking for templates to create cards or business forms for your photography business? The first place I check is Design Aglow. Right now you can get 15% off all their offerings when you “LIKE” the ProjectLife365 Facebook page. Getting ready for 2013, I am buying The Successful Studio’s Workflow Assistant today. But there are oodles more for creative photographers who want to stand out from the crowd. Now, I have no idea what Project Life 365 will be all about when it launches on Jan. 1, 2013, but from what Lena Hyde and her crew do at Design Aglow, I know it will be something to keep close tabs on for sure.

Photography Concentrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on TutorialsI mentioned this sale before but it bears repeating, especially if you are starting out. The tutorials that Rob and Lauren Lim have put together for you are simply the best. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Yes, I do expect my family to buy in as well. They are that good. The Black Friday event runs through Cyber Monday. Don’t wait. These will NEVER be discounted by 40% again (well, maybe not until next year perhaps).

As I find more of these deals, I’ll keep adding to the list here. So, come back and check it out. Lastly, if you do buy any of these today, feel free to comment below. I want to know how you will be using them.

Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher
Seshu is an Avon, Connecticut based family photographer who creates intimate, sentimental and natural portraits for families who want to celebrate the love they have for each other. He also edits and publishes Tiffinbox, yep, this very blog you are reading now!
Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher


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Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher
Seshu | Editor, Curator & Publisher

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