Yes, You Can Guest Blog On Tiffinbox

When I launched Tiffinbox, I wanted it to be a repository of the very best photography resources and links available online. It was and still is a labor of love. When I got busy and I still do thanks to being a documentary wedding photographer and a custom portrait photographer in Connecticut, the number of times I posted here started to slip. I invited one guest blogger and then another and then another. More recently through my Twitter account I have been able to draw in a great many more photographers who are willing to share their experiences being a photographer – be it business advice or technical expertise. I really like how this has grown in the last few months and would like to invite YOU to also be a guest blog here.

Why Guest Blog?

You may be a photographer but it is your writing that will help your page ranking within search engines like Google. The links that point back to you from an external source such as Tiffinbox, is a GOOD thing, both for you and me. You want to rank higher for keywords that are near and dear to you? Well, write a blog post using those keywords and the links back to your site will do their magic. It’s an accepted practice where we can all win. So, why wouldn’t you want to guest blog?

Criteria Of A Guest Blogger

Let me be frank – I am not looking for the next Hemingway. I just want to see writing and images that suggest you are serious about your craft and are committed to this journey with me. It’s an exciting trip and I want you to come along.

I am always looking for photographers who can write, share their passion for photography in words and images. Are you one of them?

Basic Standards

Here are some basic standards that you must meet:

1) Be a photographer (I need to see an online portfolio) or a vendor who works with photographers
2) Already have a blog (again a link is necessary) or a website where we can link to you
3) MUST link back from your blog to your own blog post on Tiffinbox
4) Be able to write simply (minimum 300 words, that’s about a page)
5) Submit 10-15 images that have a width of 700 px (vertical or horizontal)*
6) Submit a 300×300 px portrait of yourself (preferably taken by a professional)
7) Deliver the text file as a .txt file NOT .doc file
8) Be open to have your blog post critiqued
9) Respond to blog comments in a civil manner (see no-no’s below)

*Images may have your studio branding but if it obscures the image to a point where it impedes the viewing experience, I will ask that you remove the branding or replace it with something a little less obvious.

Images – be they vertical or horizontal – should be sized so that their width is no more or less than 700 pixels.

Blogging No-No’s

– No posts/comments belittling other photographers – their work, their business models, their services or products

– No religion or political speak (don’t want to have any flame wars on my site)

– No, you can’t post anonymously

– No, you can’t repost the same blog post word-for-word, anywhere else on the Internet, including your own website or blog. Sorry, Google and other search engines will penalize us both for publishing redundant copy and I am sure neither one of us will want that would we?

Topics To Write About

You may write about business, marketing, SEO, camera equipment, computer software … whatever that pushes your buttons or gets you really jazzed about photography and will help other photographers elevate their art and ultimately their business.

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